“Rich, what a beautiful gift you’ve given me! I have no doubt it was my Dad who came to speak to me through you. If there had been one thing you said that seemed like Dad, I may have questioned if it was really him. But, there were two, then three, then sooooo many details that could only have come from Dad. I am so pleased.
I’ve found great comfort from that tender conversation. I feel Dad’s presence more fully. And I have a new understanding of how it is for him on the Other Side. I had really wondered about that, since his belief was that when you die, you are gone. Nothing more. To know that it was all explained to him in a way that he understood, gives me a sense of relief. I now know he is happy and at peace. What a beautiful gift! Thank you, Rich, for your skill and your willingness to hold space for our loved ones!”
— Mindy, Missouri

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“Who in these modern times believes in miracles? I didn’t, until they started happening to me. Rich Fletcher was one of them. My son, who committed suicide 12 years ago, came through to Rich, who, just as incredibly, found me. Through Rich, my son Todd told me how much my strength in my terrible grief inspired him and how much, as a result, he had grown. He didn’t want me to carry around an image of him as a confused, angry teenager any more. He wanted me to think of him as an adult who had come to take responsibility for the consequences of his choices. Such love, such a gift!”
— Anne, Georgia

“Rich Fletcher is one of the most gifted and empathic individuals I have ever met.

For the past ten years, seven ladies from different states meet once a year for a time of spirituality, friendship, healing and fun. In August 2013, we asked Rich to spend the afternoon with our group. He had no idea that, four years ago, our dear friend Carol (and a member of the group) had gone to the other side. She died suddenly – it had been a complete shock to all of us, and we had painfully wrestled with her untimely death. Rich did not know of our Carol until she appeared to him. We had not spoken about her. Almost immediately Carol came to us through Rich. The way she spoke, the words she used, and her unique mannerisms permeated Rich so clearly, it was evident that Carol was with us. Through Rich, Carol was able to give us comfort, easing the grief that we had been unable to reconcile. I’m not certain that I would ever be able to put into words the peacefulness and amazement each of us encountered that day.

We were so awestruck that we knew we would need to see Rich on an individual basis. The afternoon was obviously emotionally taxing on all of us, Rich included, but he agreed to come see us again the very next day. Every one of us received messages from our dear loved ones who had passed that were soothing and reassuring. In my particular session, Rich brought poignant messages from my parents so authentic and compelling that I truly believe they made an appearance in the room with us speaking through him. They imparted guidance on situations that Rich would never have known about. Their counsel has been invaluable to me over the past several months in dealing with a rather untenable situation.

The effects of Rich’s talents have been far-reaching and wonderful for me. His gifts have enabled me not only to find that very elusive serenity with my dear loved ones on the other side, but also have guided me in real life decision-making. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.”
– Debbie, Texas

“I would like to emphasize that I had no prior belief in ‘mysticism’, and could be considered moderately skeptical. Rich’s manner was soft spoken and intense. I believe that Rich had little to no advance knowledge of my family history. He began our session with my father coming forward. At first, I was merely entertained by that until Rich said, “Your dad wants me to tell you to “Keep the faith.” It was at that point that I lost all skepticism. “Keep the faith,” was my father’s “famous last words.” He signed every letter in that way, he ended every phone conversation with that phrase, and always made sure to slip it in at departures. My father’s revelations to me were meaningful and helpful, but it was the conversation that came next that was the most important. My mother was next to come forward. She wanted me to know that it was not my fault that she was “distant” as a mother, that, in fact, it was because she thought that someone might come for me that she was unable to bond with me. She was frightened that I would be taken away and that she would lose me. Rich had NO IDEA that I was adopted! My mother had struggled with that fear all of my childhood as did I. I always felt like she didn’t like me. So now it made sense. I could now let that go and see my mother as a frightened, vulnerable woman rather than a cold, uncaring mother. It felt so good to release her of all of that and has since provided much peace to me.”
— Vicki, Wisconsin

“I felt my experience with Rich was a rare moment to slow everything down and truly examine my life from several perspectives – past, present, and future. We deeply explored the dynamics of both my and my husband’s families and I gained a deeper understanding of the connections between all of us. He conveyed messages to me from my mother that were very meaningful to me. It was an incredible experience.”
— Rosie, Arkansas

“Rich and I connected by email a few months after my partner, Michael, passed away. We agreed to do a reading over the phone, and prior to the session, we both meditated for about 30 minutes. As he began the session, Rich started to describe what he “saw” in his mind. His description of Michael as he appeared in the 1970s made me laugh – that was Michael’s decade and he was proud of what he did during that time. Michael also showed Rich how he always watches me biking to work through a park. Rich also shared some details of Michael’s last few days known only to Michael and me. At the end of the reading, my eyes were full of tears, my mind was full of light, and my heart was full of love.”
— Trieu, Washington, D.C.

Ten weeks after I buried my mother, my younger brother suddenly died, at Christmas. To say that I was devastated does not begin to describe it. I was suicidal, not because I actively wanted to die and leave my family, but more because I desperately needed to be in touch with Joe, my brother, my closest and dearest friend. I literally did not think that I could continue to live in this world without him.

Richard stepped-in to help me go on living. With his calm, quiet, humble, all-encompassing love and acceptance, Richard saved my life, and served as a channel for Joe to get back to me and me to him. One of the first things my brother said to me – from wherever he is – concerned someone outside of our family that Richard knew nothing about. Richard used the exact phrase that Joe used to say to me, and would still say to me if he were standing here in front of me, as I feel he truly is, when Richard helps me find him again.

What Richard’s gift has given me is serenity, peace, faith…my brother loves me still, his death has not changed that and I can live on in this world, and live a full life, knowing that it is all OK with Joe, so it is all OK with me, and it is only time that separates us.”
— Anne, Texas

“When I first met Rich I was struck immediately by his openness – just sitting next to him I could feel that he had an accessible and open heart. Next thing was noticing his calm demeanor, confidence and peace, and willingness to share, with humble authority, his wise trust in all things unfolding as they should. And then it turns out he has a true connection to the other side, passing along deeply personal messages that both reassure and enlighten. Rich actually seems to walk the path with you which is so supportive and helpful. There is no doubt in my mind that Rich is a true conduit for guidance and love from the other side. He has done his own work and is committed to assisting others to live a life of joy and freedom from the past. He is truly of service to others – it comes through in everything he does. And just for the record, I recently had a reading which 100% reiterated a message I got from my father, through Rich, six months ago.

Rich is one of the most sincere, wise, and loving spiritual healers I’ve ever met, plus he’s fun and easy to talk to! No pretension, no woo-woo, just down-to-earth, loving attention to spirit, and faith in Love as the root and answer to all that ails you.”
— Kyle, New Jersey

“Richard opened a space of deep peace and healing for me around my mother’s death through a sacred connection with her. The experience pierced my defenses and was like opening a new way of perceiving and being. Words fail to describe the beauty and mystery of presence and connection in my reading. I am profoundly grateful for Richard’s gentle guidance in opening my eyes to love and mystery, beyond understanding.”
— Nancy, Texas

“Wow!  I just heard this again after 2 years, and am blown away not only by its accuracy, but for all the things I did not pick up on at that time, and for the foretelling of things yet to come. You urged me to make emotional repairs with my Dad right away. I did so, and thank you so much, because my dad passed away less than 8 months after this reading, and 3 days before the 1 year anniversary of Alan’s passing. I am so thankful we had a loving and open relationship for his last months, and it is largely due in part to the information you provided during this session. I miss Alan terribly and asked out loud to him last week for a sign that he still cared and was there for me. Your emailed recording was literally the answer to my request!  Thank you again for everything and bless you!”                      — Karen, Oklahoma