Perfect, In Its Imperfection

The wisdom that flows to us from the Other Side, if we’re listening, will sum-up years of life in a few words, and offer us a sometimes wry and humorous response to what may have been a lifetime of “troubles.” The challenge for us on this side of the veil is to come to grips with the fact that troubles are opportunities in disguise.

I recently did a reading for a woman whose father had transitioned a few years ago. He came to me ever so gently by pointing out a physical issue with her foot – at first I was drawn to her ankle and asked if she had hurt her ankle – the overriding feeling was about the ‘connection’. I was hearing in my mind that old spiritual song many of us learned in childhood, “The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, etc.” She said she didn’t have any problem with her ankle, but she had experienced a physical issue with one of her toes.

The experience with her father was very seamless – a very strong telepathic communication which is always indicated to me by the depth of my emotional connection. He was gentle, warm, and loving with a great sense of humor, and had a brilliant mind – one that looked for the connections in things.

From his perspective now, he could see ‘connections’ in a way he could not in this life (though I was to learn later, he strived in his life to put what he learned into practice about the importance of physical connections). What he wanted his daughter to know was that in order to ‘move forward,’ the connections in the ankle and the foot were very important….and he meant that physically, but the broader message was, in order to move forward in life – to progress with your plans, to find your purpose, to live out the broader meaning of what this life means to you, the degree to which you are physically, emotionally and spiritually connected will determine the ease with which you move forward….wise words.

In this life, he was very concerned with those physical connections, and he tended to look at them analytically, and he also recognized that there was a component that was beyond his knowing. These components all worked together, and he tried mightily to figure out how, but the emotional and spiritual component was somewhat illusive for him.

“Rich, do you know what my father did? He was a chiropractor!”

Of course, that made perfect sense.

But there was something else, particular focused on her. I kept seeing her in a white lab coat, standing by an exam table. “Did your father want you to become a chiropractor?” and I described what I was seeing. She told me that she’s currently studying applied kinesiology as a healing modality. He was actively encouraging her from the Other Side to pursue this course of study, being mindful of the totality of the connections in the spirit-mind-body – more wise words from a wise father.

He went on to describe how he loved being a father – his idea of perfection was having all of his brood packed-up in the station wagon….and not just any station wagon, but the kind from the late 1960s that had a faux wood-paneled exterior. As I’ve said often before, I can’t make this stuff up – she confirmed that that was her childhood experience and the station wagon was exactly as I described.

About my client’s mother, he said, “This is all I’m going to say – we were one another’s lesson. It was perfect in its imperfection.” I had to sit with the wisdom of that statement for a moment. My client confirmed that this a phrase she often uses, and she also confirmed that her parents had divorced when she was a teenager. Her father went on to discuss some of the consequences of that action for her and her siblings.

It’s important to note here that I felt no judgement whatsoever coming from her father – toward himself or toward anyone else – he was simply reporting that the consequences of his actions and choices live on in his children and others. He hoped this session would help my client in her understanding and healing.

He said that his experience with the women in his life was greatly influenced by his experience with his own mother – which was not a happy one. His mother often demanded a kind of obedience that ‘required’ love – almost as if one needed to pay homage to her to justify her own sense of self-sacrifice… was not for love’s sake, it was a form of payment, almost. He did not understand the depth of his pain around his relationship with his mother – it was something he hid from himself, as we are wont to do in this physical existence – dealing with pain (do you see the metaphor of who he became in this life?) and understanding the depth of our connections, one to the other, was his life’s journey.

He also went on to use a term that I’ve never had a spirit convey to me – that term was “in thrall.” What does it mean to be in thrall? The dictionary says that to be in thrall is to be under the psychological domination or influence of another person or a thing (like an addiction).

At one point, her father showed me a deck of cards, and a hand, like he was playing poker. He said, “Yes, there’s randomness in the Universe, but you can influence the cards by your intentions.” She confirmed that one of his favorite past times was playing cards.

He wanted her to know that his transition was easy, and that ‘God’ revealed the expansiveness of the Other Side to him in a way in which he could understand – God met him where he was – not the other way around. I found that statement amazing and wonderful and profound…..why is it that we expect judgement when we die? Why can’t we simply expect love, and to be lovingly met where we are?

Life is perfect in its imperfection – resolve to look beyond your pain – look for all of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical connections that are serving as a platform for your growth and evolution as a human being. Trust, allow and accept that this experience of living is all for your benefit.