The Language of Poetry and the Language of Mediumship

It’s mid-January 2017 as I write this – winter has us in its grips in the Ozarks – cold rain and cloudy days. The threat of an ice storm has passed while storms of another sort grip the nation, and it’s sometimes difficult to be present with all of the uncertainty, anger and fear that seem to be running rampant these days.

This is the first blog entry that I’ve written in over two years. 2014, 2015 and 2016 weren’t banner years for me – at times, incredibly difficult personal challenges had to be faced, and weathered, and listened to – the deaths of a dear friend, two of my brothers-in-law, and one of my nephews, and in the middle of all of that, I had a heart attack.

Somehow, we must face our challenges – we all have them. I managed with the help of many friends and colleagues, as well as helpers from the Other Side, to face mine. Dogged determination and resilience tend to run in my family – I have continued to show-up every day, whether I wanted to or not.

In the midst of all of that personal storm, I found myself going back to poetry – reading it, sometimes writing it, and often moving with it in a way that has been familiar to me for much of my life.

In the process, I’ve figured something out. Poetry has appealed to me since I was very young. I now know why that is.

Poetry is a language of association, imagery, memory, nuance – it takes a lot of leaps and asks the reader to follow along. The best way to read a poem is to be a blank slate yourself – to simply open yourself to what the poem has to reveal to you……is this beginning to sound familiar? It also happens that, at least for me, the best way to write a poem is to simply turn myself over to the process.

The ‘language’ I hear when I ‘converse’ with someone on the Other Side is very much like the process of reading and writing poetry – it takes a lot of associative leaps, and it sometimes overloads my ability to process the information – it is full of imagery, and sometimes sound. More often than not, highly compressed feeling and emotion find their way into my consciousness. For anyone who has had a reading from me, it can be an uncomfortable scene to experience, but always, the outcome is amazingly authentic and real, and sometimes life changing.

Back to poetry. The first poem I wrote at age 12 was about an out-of-body experience I had while sitting on a mound of freshly dug dirt by the side of a lake (where I spent a lot of my summers as a child). I can close my eyes and be in that moment even now…that’s how vivid that experience was for me.

My sensitivity, which showed-up at an early age, sought to find a conventional way to express itself, and that way was writing poetry – OK, maybe not conventional, but at least understandable to my teachers, my family and to me. I identified myself as a poet long before I identified myself as a medium.

Over the last year, I’ve worked in earnest to publish a collection of my poetry. The genesis of the collection goes back to the late 1990s, another tumultuous period in my life – more about that at a later date. Equal Parts & Other Poems, is now available.

For now, if you’d like to read more of my poetry, visit my author page at Outskirts Press, and you can also listen to me read three poems from the collection from that same website. If you’d like to purchase a copy of the book, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or simply send an email to and we’ll make arrangements to get one to you quickly.  An e-book version (PDF) is available via the Outskirts Press website noted earlier.

It’s good to be back where I’m supposed to be, despite the uncertainty of the times and the vicissitudes of life…..we are all exactly where we need to be …. the question is, are you listening closely to what the Universe has to say to you?