The Anatomy of a Spiritual Experience

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Many of us have had spiritual experiences – moments of grace and wonder, understanding and peace. Sometimes these experiences come unexpectedly; sometimes they happen when we surrender to the process of grief and loss; sometimes they come in moments of revelation. When these moments arrive, a life’s path can be broadened, deepened and redirected.

My connection to spirit deepened in 2009 and 2010. For a number of years, I’ve had a meditation practice. Early one morning in late April, 2009, I sat in meditation on my back porch, feeling a sense of oneness and peace, even though I was grieving the loss of someone dear to me. In that moment, I felt my grief being transmuted into something else.

Physically, the upper left part of my head, that part associated with the parietal lobe, began to tingle. Over the course of a few minutes, that tingling sensation cascaded down the left part of my face and my left ear. My ears were ringing and I felt heavy, as if I couldn’t move. The thought occurred to me that I could be having a transient ischemic attack, a precursor to a stroke, but there were no other symptoms.

Along with the other physical sensations, I felt a warmth within, almost as if something warm was being poured into me. Silently, tears began to flow, though I didn’t feel sadness – more than anything, I felt absolute peace, calm and connection with everything around me. Eventually, I ‘came to’. I walked into the house. Almost an hour had passed since I began my meditation, but I had no sense of time passing. Still feeling calm, and somewhat ‘outside’ myself, I sat down at my desk and wrote the following:

“God’s love is everywhere – it infuses everything you see – trees, flowers, birds, rocks, the sky – open your eyes to his Loving presence. Even in your grief, especially in your grief, and in those who cause you pain and consternation, the opportunity to grow and become more of who you really are, the right-mindedness of which you read in A Course In Miracles, is there for you, ready to be partaken of, if you can embrace the moment.

Each individual life is an opportunity to know love, a love greater than your mind’s ability to perceive, so open yourself to the energy of love that is the universe, let it pour into you, let the knowing give you peace in your moments of pain and doubt, and then proceed, reassured, for you are a child of the Creation and All That Is.

We are ready to help you piece the quilt that is your life, ready to guide your hands and heart – the design is yours – but we stand ready to help you craft the border, frame it, and stitch together all those fragments that you would discard to make something whole and beautiful out of what you perceive to be the shreds of your life which are the very gifts of your life.

Witness the AIDS Quilt – it moves us so profoundly because it so beautifully represents all those who loved and were loved. And for those who died and for those who grieved, grief and pain is transmuted into gratitude, the greater part for all to witness, to feel, and to know, an opportunity to accept, to forgive, to know God’s love, which is everywhere – “if you have but the eyes to see and the ears to hear.” Just as each panel is stitched together, each life is connected one to another – and so it is.

“Blessings and peace be with you this day.”

To say that I was stunned is putting it mildly. I was awe-struck. Something amazing had happened to me. The words I wrote were not my words – they were not my style of writing though the experiences referenced certainly were relevant to my life. Over the course of my life, I’ve had many mystical experiences, but nothing compared to this – for much of that day, I felt transcendent.

Four days later, during my morning meditation, a second similar episode. Then, a little more than a month later, three successive episodes, all in the early morning while in meditation. The physical symptoms were all similar, but the difference was that the onset of the experience came more rapidly. On June 11th, the last of the experiences for 2009 occurred. Each of these experiences had a message which I wrote down and eventually transcribed into typewritten text.

Then, in February 2010 through May 2010, a series of eleven additional episodes in which I felt some-
thing move in me and through me – all accompanied by messages, though the tenor was slightly differ-
ent – not as personal, but more universal.

The following are excerpts of some of these messages. As you read, you may note that the phrase, “Trust, allow, accept” was repeated to me a number of times. Since then, these words have become important to me – they are a reminder that we exist as One, that we are loved beyond measure, and that this physical existence is one of the supreme opportunities to discover our own inherent divinity.

Blessings and peace be with you this day.

Each individual’s life is an opportunity to know love, a love greater than your mind’s ability to perceive, so open yourself to the energy of love that is the universe, let it pour into you, let the knowing give you peace in your moments of pain and doubt, and then proceed, reassured, for you are a child of the Creation and All That Is.

You are a child of God. The challenge of living is to discover who you really are, to rise above the sorrow and strife, the physical modalities, to find within that which has always been with you. Nothing prevents you from creating heaven on earth; the choice is yours. Make that choice, and the door will be opened. The second coming is the discovery of the Spirit of Christ within men and the slow dawning of that knowledge among a few. Live in anticipation of the Light of God shining before you. Many will question, many will doubt; many whose minds are closed by fear will seek to project that fear onto those whose simple message could not be more clear, as if by doing so, the house of fear upon which their lives is built could be strengthened. There is no fear in God’s love. None will find it there.

All your life has been in anticipation of this moment. The way will be shown, the path cleared. The Movement of Light will bring all that is needed. Trust, allow, accept.

Child of God, you requested this opportunity at this time in this place – you are coming into your knowing – trust, allow, accept. All will be well. Remember to look around you – God’s love is everywhere, in the seen and unseen; and to look within, for the love that is the Spirit of the Christ is the love of Creation transmuted into the hearts of men, bound to humanity by Jesus’s example of loving kindness and by the simple fact of your Being.

We seek to help you remember who you are.

Put away all of your differences – humanity exists as One. The meaning of your existence is found within your ability to exercise compassion, with humility, in the midst of circumstances unlike any you have ever experienced. No man, no woman, no physical entity is immune from the inexorable forces of nature. Remember, love is above all; grace, compassion and steadfastness in the face of fear is your birthright as a child of God. Be well. The spirit of the Christ walks among us.

Your heart is a tablet of love – write upon it the grace of the Beatitudes – when love and compassion surrender in the face of fear, the Beatitudes will remind you of who you really are – a child of God. God’s grace never leaves us – let the lamentation of your heart be offered unto Him and rest assured that He knows your suffering and stands witness to the circumstances of all. Be not afraid. Stand as God’s witness in the world as He stands with you.

Remember, there is no fear in God’s love – none will find it there.

Every aspect of love and forgiveness exists in the present moment – will you accept what the moment has to teach you? Each new day is an opportunity to know love and allow the gifts of the moment to come forth – this is God’s offering of love to you – this is All That Is – it is both for you and of you. When you love the moment, whatever your circumstances, you are in alignment with All That Is. Look beyond your fear and doubt. Trust this teaching.

Speak of your own experience, the victory of love over fear. The essential acts of forgiveness – forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others – lie deep within your ability to see that love is the foundation of the universe, that nothing exists in and of itself; all life in the physical plane, and all that you would name inanimate, is a living tableau of love, an expression of All That Is.

Forgiveness renders fear immaterial; to forgive is to accept the fundamental law – love is the foundation of the universe.

Remember who you are; seek your essential self. Beyond the self that would have you fear all things is the spirit who would have you love all things. When you see the world in this way, you are ready to do God’s work – our work – on Earth.

There is no fear in God’s love; the grace of God is within you – be a channel of that grace.

All seek spiritual consolation, though many are unaware of their own needs in this regard. Your connection to Source, your way of being, the meaning with which you speak and the guidance with which you write, create opportunities in others for spiritual messages to be realized in the present moment. Approach this work with humility and a commitment to the highest good for all. We serve with you in this purpose.

You see and speak to the best that is in others – you understand their pain. And as you have so thoroughly negotiated your own pain, it is with loving intent that you are able to touch the source of others’ pain, help them bring it to the Light, and make of it an offering of love to the Creator, through whom all things are healed.

“There is a coming together of all points in time, a meeting, if you will, of past, present and future.” What happens then, I ask. “The significance of your question is the word ‘then,’ as it presupposes we know what will happen ‘then’ – we do not. We simply know the significance of now.

(At this time, I saw a vision of water freezing, like a time-lapse photograph, frame by frame.)

Envision water turning to ice – the slow steady freezing of planes, fractals – step-by-step, in tandem, in universality, in harmony, one molecule after another, until finally, the whole is transmuted, changed from one state to another.

Such is the meaning you seek today. You are changing; you are being transmuted; you are part of a larger whole, unto which humanity committed itself long ago, in your time. The answer to your question, ‘what happens then?’ may we suggest, begins with a more properly phrased question: What happens now?

The answer to that question is, “Love.”

Allow yourself to be guided. Allow the Divine Presence within you to unfold, naturally and unencumbered. Trust, allow, accept.

Listen…do you hear the great aum of the Universe, that which gives form and expression to your world?

Hold onto nothing – in this way, you are like the Universe, aware of everything and ready to give yourself to the form needed to express a particular way of being in the world, but without attachment of any kind. Simply live the purity of the energy that is the thought and connection.

You are Love. You are a living, breathing expression of Source, of Love. Be that! Allow that and you will be living your Divine purpose on Earth. Blessings and peace be with you in this day.